5 Most Effective Ways to Generate Sales Leads

Thanks to the tremendous growth of social media, we have a lot of options to generate sales leads and find new customers. And many people believe that social media is now the best tool to generate sales leads. However, recent research found that the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are in fact not effective at generating quality sales leads.

When it comes to the best ways to generate sales leads, there is no absolute method that can work well for all types of businesses. Here are our 5 recommended sales generating methods for B2B business, which you can test and measure the results.

1. Customer referrals

There is nothing better than getting a referral from a happy customer. This the best way to get quality sale leads, because your existing customer may know what the referred prospect needs. Besides, this is your shortcut to build trust with the referred customer as you’re recommended from a person that he or she knows very well and trust.

2. Meetings at trade shows, conferences and industry events

In B2B sales, it will be much easier to approach prospects when they already know your business, or your name or your face. However, in these events, you have to compete with hundreds of other vendors or service providers who also desperately want to get noticed. Susan Carol, CEO of Susan Carol Associates Public Relations suggested that you should give an event presentation and follow the event with customized letters, calls or emails to individuals that you meet in events. This is the most effective way to help you stand out and on top of prospects’ minds when you approach them.

3. Providing content

Nowadays, customers tend to do a lot of research before choosing to listen to your talk. They want to be well-informed about their problems and solutions. You need to be a trusted source of information that provides useful information and education to customers. Using blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, webinars, and case studies to provide helpful information will help you win prospects’ trust and business. For Internet marketing, this is one of the best methods to raise your brand awareness, increase traffic, and get sales leads.

4. SEO

Google can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to generate sales leads. Nowadays, many things (actually almost everything) start from a click on Google. For IT companies and service-based B2B companies, SEO is considered the most effective tools to generate leads. Don’t forget to focus more of your time and effort on SEO and how to make your website stand out in the Google list.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn will be very effective for you to generate sales leads if you know how to use it right. Among all the social media platforms, LinkedIn has a high percentage of professionals, so there will be higher chance for you to find your target audience (compared to other channels). Besides, LinkedIn Groups are created for people with same interests and concerns. The groups are for you to search for your prospects, who are facing the challenges and concerns that your business can solve.

Linh Cu

Linh Cu

With years of working as a Marketer and Copywriter, I have worked extensively in a number of projects for corporate and start-up companies in Asia Pacific, and North America.

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