How To Create Your Killer Sales Presentation (part 1)

After days and efforts invested in cold calls, and follow-up, you finally secure an appointment to see your prospects (probably including the top decision makers) and have your sales presentation. Your sales presentation decides whether your prospecting efforts will go big or go home. It is your biggest opportunity to impress your prospects; however, it could be your time to screw up everything.

For sales presentation, the content and the way you deliver the presentation are two most important factors to the success of a sales presentation. Crafting the content of sales presentations is never what you can do on the fly. The quality of the sales presentation needs huge efforts and strategies for both the content and visual elements. In this post, we will share with you the strategies to build the content for a winning sales presentation first.


Know your target audience

This may sound too obvious for the business know-how. Knowing your target audience is the most common advice in the prospecting phrase; however, I have seen the sales guys in the team make major mistakes in making sales presentation. Some of sales guys put everything about the company and the products on the slides, and they use that sales presentation for all the prospects they meet. That is old-fashioned and considered inefficient today. It is easy to understand: the prospects are only concerned about their business and how you can add values to their business. Therefore, in order to increase more chances of winning, you need to know who your audience will be so that you can tailor your presentation to your prospects’ wants and interests.

You need to know the audience will be in your sales appointment. Does the decision maker has the technical background? Or is the decision maker an executive with a number-driven mind with sales background? The sales presentation for different types of target audience has different approaches to contents and styles. Besides, you need to know whether the key decision maker is in the appointment or not. When you are setting the appointment, don’t forget to ask the person you are talking to whether there are others who will be making the buying decisions.

Know what your prospects want from the sales presentation

Not all the sales presentation are designed for making immediate sales. Your prospects have different expectations for the sales presentations. Before creating the content for sales presentation, try to get an idea of what the prospects are expecting. Is your sales presentation to pique interests or to link your products/services to prospects’ current problems etc.? Will you give a formal sales pitch or have a more open discussion? And how long will the meeting be? Raise these questions before you start crafting the content of your sales presentation. The answers to these questions will be your major pointers to creating a killer sales presentation.

Moreover, it is important to know your customer’s business. Potential clients expect you to know their business, customers and competition as well as you know your own product/service.

Structuring your sales presentation

Before creating your presentation slides on computer, you need to structure your presentation first. An effective sales presentation focuses only on a few key points that you need to get across to support your overall sales message. Define the logical order of the key points with the possible supporting evidence (data, chart) and visual aids (images, graphics, video etc.). Using post-it notes to lay out your key ideas and supporting data to help you have a clear picture of the presentation. And then, decide where visuals should be added to your message and what kind of visuals should be.

For presentation tips, one of the key tip is to emphasize your key points three time. Introduce your key points at the beginning, elaborate them in the body of the presentation, and summarize them again at the end. Don’t try to emphasize too many times as the repetition will wear out your audience.

These are the important pointers for you before getting to your computer to create the presentation slides.Read the next post part 2 to get more tips on using computer to create a good quality content for sales presentations.

Linh Cu

Linh Cu

With years of working as a Marketer and Copywriter, I have worked extensively in a number of projects for corporate and start-up companies in Asia Pacific, and North America.

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