Selling is easy

At the age of 14 I found out that selling is an "easy" way of making money. My neighbor had an very old moped (20 years) in his garage and his wife wanted more space there. By coincident is was looking at him while he wanted to park the moped at the sidewalk so that the scrap dealer would pick it up.

So I walked to him and asked him if I could have it. "Give me $10,00 and he is yours" he said. "Only if you can proof it is still running." I told him. And we closed the deal.

15 minutes later I was at the local grocery store where I added my advertisement on a big board, but instead of using the blue pen that was hanging beside the board, I wrote the text with my own red pen and place my advertisement card in the center of the board.

Puch M 50 V with high steer

For sale!

Very special Puch M50 V with high steer (same as Ringo Star had)
Build in: 1960
One time offer: $ 75,00

One hour later I was at home and a guy called me to ask if I still had that moped. Two hours later, I was no longer owner of that moped and made a huge profit.

At that moment I've learned a couple of things.

  • There is always somebody who wants to sell something
  • Buy when seller needs the money (or space in his garage)
  • Beter is to buy when his wife needs the space in the garage (extra pressure)
  • You only need one buyer
  • When you have something to sell, it is always special, not for you but for the buyer, let him feel that way.
  • When there are more buyers, play your cards right but don't over bet.
  • You sell better when you don't feel the pressure to sell

Heavy Truck Salesman

At the age of 23 I was a heavy truck salesman and sold these trucks to man who were twice my age.
I was the youngest salesman at that time and I did very wel if I may say so. Some of the things I've learned when I was 14, were still working in my professional career as a truck salesman.

And even today....

John Stevens

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